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Cash Management

With a variety of electronic-based products and services, you can have quick and easy access to all your Capaha Bank accounts. Banking online with Capaha Connect gives you a greater level of convenience while maintaining security for your accounts. Capaha Bank is available to you 24-hours a day, from any computer with Internet access.

Capaha Connect – For Businesses

Capaha Connect is a two-way communication system between your company and Capaha Bank that allows you to access your commercial accounts on your personal computer 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This commercial online banking product allows you to select the following service options to customize a cash management system that is tailored to the way you do business:

  • Pay Bills Online
  • Manage all of your Capaha Bank deposit and loan accounts in one convenient place
  • Initiate domestic wire transfers
  • Generate ACH files for direct deposit of payroll, cash concentration, vendor payments, certain tax payments and debit origination
  • View front & back check images online
  • Transfer funds between Capaha Bank accounts
  • Positive Pay
  • Place stop payments
  • Download your account information to many versions of Quicken, Microsoft Money, Quick Books or other programs

Wire Transfer

Send money almost instantly by wire transfer.

  • Request wire transfers at anytime
  • Future date wire transfer requests
  • Check the status of wire requests
  • Track wire transfers initiated online with a confirmation number provided

Automated Clearing House (ACH)

Disbursement and collection services provide highly efficient and cost-effective tools for transferring funds electronically, thereby saving you paperwork and unnecessary costs.

Zero Balance Accounts (ZBA)

Concentrate funds from multiple Capaha Bank accounts into one master account for added control and convenience. Each account you designate will be drawn down to a zero or target balance daily and funds are transferred into a master account, reducing idle balances and making your money work for you.

Direct Deposit

Direct Deposit offers a safe, convenient way to pay your employees. Employees like direct deposit because they have immediate access to their funds, and employers eliminate the need to print, issue and reconcile paper checks. Direct deposit also alleviates concerns about lost, stolen, or altered checks.

Electronic Funds Tax Payments System (EFTPS)

  • Make business tax payments 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from the office, at home, or on the road
  • Meet IRS Electronic Federal Tax Payment System (EFTPS) requirements
  • Avoid late payment penalties due to lost or delayed mail
  • Receive immediate confirmation of payment
  • Enter customized descriptions of the Federal Tax Payments to appear on your bank statement making it easier to reconcile

ACH Debit Origination

By utilizing Automated Clearing House (ACH) Debit Origination, your company can completely automate your collection process, making it more efficient and reliable. Once your customers agree to have their payments electronically debited from their accounts to pay their invoices, you simply generate an electronic file and transmit it to Capaha Bank. Collected funds are then deposited into your Capaha Bank account. ACH Debit Origination guarantees accurate payments from your customers and enhances your credit management process. This service also ensures the timely receipt of those payments, which also improves your ability to forecast cash flow.

Auto Borrow

With “Auto Borrow” you can minimize the interest expense on your business line of credit by borrowing only the minimum amount needed to cover checks you have written. Auto Borrow automatically transfers funds from your line of credit to your business checking account as checks are presented for payment. Since this process is completely automated, you no longer have to call the bank to request draws. Auto Borrow also eliminates the need to closely monitor your balances and determine the amount and timing of draws from your line. This is a great tool to further automate the cash management process, giving you more time to concentrate on your business.

Night Depository Services

With our convenient night drop service, you can make your deposits or loan payments 24 hours a day, seven days a week, at any of our branch locations.

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